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The crew at ACGL is committed to growing the local community of gamers to the best of our ability. Our new free agent system is the results of a couple questions which we constantly get asked: “How can I join a clan?” OR “How can I find players to join my team?”

We are very happy to launch our Free Agent system which will hopefully assist players and clans in their efforts to connect to one another.

The new free agent system will allow users to add themselves to the growing list of gamers that are looking teams for casual , competitive or pro play.

We have added some of our player-base’s  favourite games to the list of titles, but feel free to ask for more games to be added to the list by commenting below.

Below you can also view the Free Agent Guide on how to use the new system.


The Free Agent system has been updated for Clans. The update will allow teams to add themselves to a list of clans looking for new members.

Only captains of teams will be enabled to use this feature.

How to: 

Go to your team profile page > select manage > check Recruiting box*> save.

*Clan Recruiting box 

If you have any questions, comments or queries please be sure to contact us via:

Twitter | Facebook | Website | Discord

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  • Jean-Pierre Nel

    Good day everyone. I’m a PS4 player and love destiny. I need help with the wrath of the machines challenge this week. Please guys. My last goal is to finish all the raids on destiny and wrath is my favourite but could never finish it in time.

  • Zombie_Dredd

    Have you tried in the local Facebook group to find a group too do the raids?

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