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ACGL CLAN GUIDE – Part 2: Building Foundations

Welcome back to the ACGL Clan Guide for establishing an MGO. Last week we covered defining your brand. This week we will be focusing on building the foundations of your MGO where the three main aspects for this week will be 1 – Setting your goals & timeline, 2 – Developing a content plan and 3 – Recruiting players.

Setting your goals and Timeline

Setting and defining your goals is essentially your guide lines for how you depict success as an organisation. Your goals can be organised into three main categories – short, medium and long term.

We highly advise that you write these down as they will form the basis of how you see yourself as a team and what objectives you wish to achieve.

Your goals will form the first segment of your sponsor deck (which is used to portray your value to investors – which we will talk about in a future guide) and become the base of your organisations ethos, work ethic and value.

Short Term

These are the immediate targets that you wish to achieve.

Timeline: 4-6 weeks.

Examples/Suggestions: Acquire players, create practice schedule, establish content calendars (social media, content and templates)

– Please feel Free to use our Calendar Content Template here.
(Go to File>Download as>Microsoft Excel)
If you wish to use it on your own Google Drive, simply reupload the file to your drive.

Medium Term

These are the objectives that will take more concerted effort. Think of these as the goals that your organisation will need to follow through with.

Consider this the ‘grinding’ period where you and your team should be generating content, establishing your social media following and defining the way you interact with the community.

Timeline: Between 2-6 months.

Examples/Suggestions: Achieve x-amount of followers on each respective social media platform & seek sponsorship (sponsor deck – we will cover this in our next guide)

Long Term

These are defined as your value goals. The goals that you would like to ultimately achieve.

Timeline: 6 months to 2 years.

Examples/Suggestions: Win a major event, acquire sponsorship, register as a business & acquire travel funding.

Please note that all the examples above are merely suggestions. You’re goals may be substantially different and your strategy to achieving them may be too. The most important note here is that you must constantly review your goals.

If you find that you are not completing goals within a period, you have to review the specific goal and recalculate how you can either achieve the goal or change it to something else.

Content is Key

One of the most important, but missed steps in many organisations in South Africa, is the basis of a content plan. Content is one of the best ways in which to communicate with the community and speak to a bigger audience. Not only does it act as a great mouth piece, it also adds ways in which brands can attach themselves to your organisation.

The trend for content revolving around Clans lives in two main spaces at the moment YouTube and Twitch, whilst both being equally useful the latter is unfortunately only largely available to the few that have fibre in the country.

YouTube offers a great entry into a content plan and can be as complex or as simple as you wish to make it.

Here are some suggested starting points for your content plan:

  • Gameplay Guides: How to play
  • Scrim VODs
  • Highlight Montage
  • Gameplay commentary

When constructing your content plan, make sure that it is on a regular basis. If it’s only one video per month or three videos a week, make sure to communicate that with your audience so they know what to expect from you.

There are some great ways to use existing companies to push your brand to a bigger audience. You can speak to local online gaming sites to ask them if they would be interested in a trading content plan. Where you provide content in return for branded articles that could push your organisation into a bigger audience.

That said, the content will need to be of a certain quality before you make that approach – you will require a history of content in order to get that conversation started.

Finding Players

At the end of the day, finding players that represent your organisation is going to be one of the most vital steps going forward.

Depending on your history, you will want to acquire players with games that you are familiar with.

Below are two ways in which to find players.


When acquiring players, especially in the early phases (when you don’t have sponsors or money to offer), your biggest selling point is your goals and your plan to achieve them.

It’s also important that the players have a role in growing the organisation. The content plan should live with the players just as much as it does with the organisation. Cross promotion between your players and organisation is vital to create a synergy to push your brand forward.

For now, we feel like we have left you with enough information for this week. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or queries.

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