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Injustice 2 SA Cup | Interview with Heat 1 Winner: Zee The Janitor

This weekend marks the beginning of the second heat of the Injustice 2 South African Cup. Last week we saw some stellar match ups as players across the country came to grips with the level of competition among the local Injustice 2 fighters.

One player who stood out last week was none other than Zibusiso ‘Zee The Janitor’ Mangena who took the top position. We caught up with him to chat about everything surrounding the Injustice 2 South African Cup.

First off, congratulations on taking the top spot last week!

The question everyone has on their mind is: Why in the world do you call yourself ‘Zee the Janitor’ ?

 “Well, it’s pretty simple. I’m the Janitor because I like to mop”

What are your thoughts on the level of competition in the South African fighting game community, specifically in Injustice 2?

“The level of competition is pretty good at the moment. I think we can always improve. I do think that as more and more competitions of this level pop up, the better people will get as they have more incentive to improve.

The huge thing about building a scene for competitive gaming is having goals. It’s all good and well trying to be good at the game but if the next highest achievement from trying to beat your friends is going to a European major and paying yourself  – it’s not realistic in the long run.

What really helps is when organisations, like ACGL, back the players.”

How are you feeling after taking the top spot in heat one? 

“I feel like I can do it again. I’ve watched my footage and I know what I need to improve on. I feel like my character is very decision-based. His combos or knowing exactly which set up I should use isn’t the problem for me at the moment. It just feels like I need to know what to do at the right time.

The added confidence of winning the first heat is going to give me a great advantage going into Sunday.”

How have your preparations been for the week ahead? Anything you have specifically been working on?

“This week I have been watching a lot of match up footage with Combo Breaker taking place over the past week. I have much more footage to view which helps me interpret what is going to work in the tournament, what I can potentially exploit and use to my favour.

I haven’t really been able to go deep into practice as I would have liked due to exams”

What players are you looking out for in the next heat? 

I’m definitely going to keep an eye on Sho Kahn and possibly Draeka – I’ll see what he has next week, I will have to just gauge it out. Personally, I believe that Sho Kahn and I will see one another again.”

Anything you would like to say before going into the second heat for your potential opposition? 

“I’m at the top and don’t think I’m going to let go of that position easily. I intend to stay at the top and get that first seed for the qualifiers and for the top 4 finals.

I will be gunning for that top spot. I’m already there and I don’t intend on letting go of it anytime soon.”

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