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Injustice 2 SA Cup | Interview with Heat 2 Winner: Sho Kahn

The Injustice 2 South African Cup (#I2CZA) is in full swing as the third Heat is set to get underway this Sunday (11 June). This past weekend saw the second heat taken by the Heat 1 runner-up, Brandon ‘Sho Kahn’ Jacob.

His success in the second heat allowed him to take the top spot on the I2CZA leaderboard. Since then he has been rated by some of his competitors to be the number one challenger for the giant share of R60k in prize money and the much-desired opportunity to compete at the finals of Vs Gaming in Birmingham.

We caught up with Brandon ‘Sho Kahn’ Jacob to catch up on his thoughts of everything surround the Injustice 2 South African Cup.

So, Brandon, you came second in the first I2CZA heat and recently took the top spot in the second. How are you feeling about your performances thus far in the I2CZA?

“I feel great that I’ve placed well thus far but I’m also looking forward to improving and gaining more experience through competitive play.”

What are your thoughts on Injustice 2 as a competitive title, have you been enjoying it?

“Netherealm Studios have engineered this game so well. Competitively I feel as though the hype of the new game does really well for the fighting game community in Africa (FCG Africa), we are constantly learning and improving with everyone being so involved.”

We’ve seen you focus on two mains: Deadshot and Supergirl, what do you particularly like about the two characters?

“I started playing Supergirl first because fundamentally she’s very strong; she has good zoning tools, great mobility, an amazing mid, good corner game, solid pressure and a strong mixup game, however, she lacks damage but she’s kinda cute as well so it’s ok.

Deadshot I started playing because a strong part of my game is in the corner gameplay. In the corner, e has the ability to mix you up and get great damage meterlessly and he’s an absolute beast at zoning and can be a very frustrating opponent. He has great stagger strings and a 6 frame mid that is easily convertible. Deadshot is just a badass.”

What are your thoughts on Red Hood thus far? Do you think he is a potential game changer for Heat 4?

“Red Hood looks way too cool. As for being a potential game changer, it’s still a little early to say, but I definitely look to exploring the character. He’s got way too much swag to not be excited about.”

What are you thoughts on the competitive community standard of play in the competition at the moment? Who are you specifically keeping an eye out for?

“To be honest it could be better, myself included. We are learning but there is so much more to be discovered. If anything, as a scene, FCG Africa, we definitely have the potential to make it among the pros.

So there are strong players in SA, in no particular order, I’m keeping my eye out for Parasurama, Smokevengeance, ZeeTheJanitor and Draeka.

They are good and will definitely be getting better but I will too.”

Any final words before going into Heat 3?

“Eat lead sucker.”

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