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This year’s first notable Call of Duty Infinite Warfare tournament was a little longer in the making than usual, but thanks to MWEB GameZone and their sponsorship, the wait proved worth it.

What was a bit of a surprise after the dust had settled on Sunday 2 July was that there appears to be a changing of the guard in the South African competitive Call of Duty scene.

Familiar Call of Duty stalwarts like Energy Esports and Vinco Gaming struggled to make their usual impact on the tournament but newcomers like White Rabbit Gaming and Krypto Gaming made sure that they would be noticed in upcoming tournaments.

Of course, the great LAN face-off that is still to be experienced by some may change things again, but after this past weekend’s MWEB GameZone Masters Series (MGMS) tournament, there should be no shortage of excitement for the remaining season.

Sunday’s winner’s bracket final saw Bravado Gaming facing off against Ventus Gaming. The opening Hardpoint could have gone either way, but went the way of Bravado 250-201 to get them off to a solid start. From that point however, it was all Ventus Gaming as they fought back to secure a spot in the grand final with a 3-1 win.

Krypto Gaming lay in wait for Bravado Gaming in the loser’s bracket final but it was the new(er)comers from Krypto that convincingly took the series 3-0 to head to the grand final against Ventus.

Ventus seem to have been quietly preparing for a stable run at the top spot this year as the team eased past Krypto in confident fashion with a 3-0 series win. However, it is clear that if the Krypto team stays together in its current variation, and puts the time in, they will be definite contenders for the crown in future tournaments.


You can view the full tournament bracket here.

A thanks to the teams and players who participated. Thanks to the online admin team and the stream operators along with the casters for the final day:

If you’re keen to find out more about this year’s MGMS, you can head here.

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