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We are finally back after a busy period to return to our Clan Guide for new teams that want to take the next step in becoming a professional organisation.

In this guide, we will be taking you through the basics of setting up a sponsorship deck and how to use it. A sponsorship deck is essentially a basic synopsis of what your organisation can offer a 3rd party.

What a sponsorship deck fundamentally does is start a conversation between you and a potential sponsor. You present what you have available at your disposal to sell and they, in turn, can take the conversation further if they choose to.

What are you selling?

Before setting up your sponsorship deck you have to figure out what you have that is valuable to an organisations. What forms a big part of the ‘sell’ is the advertising that your organisation can offer.

Content & Following

We touched on content in our previous guide, ACGL CLAN GUIDE – Part 2: Building Foundations. We highly advise that you view the section ‘Content is Key’ before continuing on in this section.

What content essentially does, is attract people to your brand. If the content lives on a website, then you can monitor the traffic using Google Analytics. If your content lives on YouTube then your subscribers and views are your basis for your outreach. The same applies to Twitter, Facebook and any other means you have of increasing your viewership.

The aforementioned numbers, i.e., followers, viewership and/or site traffic, are important for conveying why your organisation is valuable to sponsors.

Trading Value

Once you have figured out what the basis of your value is (the size of your following/audience), it’s time to start thinking about what your value to an organisation is and what you would like to trade in return for selling their promotions to your following/audience.

Some questions that will help you find the answer to this will be.

  • What can this organisation potentially offer to help my clan grow?  (Money, Gear, Publicity, Greater Reach)
  • What can I offer the organisation to help them grow?
    (Content, Market Awareness, Advertising opportunities)
  • What do you believe is a fair trade for your audience?

Please note, some of these questions only brush the surface on what you could possibly use to involve in your sponsor deck. Depending on your creativity/approach you could always give a different perspective to highlight why your organisation is valuable. The best way to start the conversation is with the sponsor deck.

The Sponsor Deck

Throughout the article we have eluded to the sponsor deck. This is a document that conveys your esports organisations ethos,  aspirations, following, value and goals.

Rather than go through that many varied options you could have in your sponsor deck, we have provided you with some examples in which to take inspiration from before you start on your own.

Lastly, there is a neat guide that we came across on The Esports Observer that talks about “Three things that will help you to improve your esports sales deck” which we highly recommend you looking into before sending your sponsorship deck out to the public.

That concludes our third Clan Guide in the series. You can read the preceding two by clicking the links below. For now we hope that the article helps you on your way to creating the next big Multi Gaming Organisation!

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