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ACGL Site is back with Wagers, CC and more

We are happy to announce that we are back after a short break with some changes to our online home at ACGL. In this article we will be going through all of the new changes and tweaks that  we have been working on over the break, which include – The CC Beta, Wager Tournaments, CC Tournaments and more.

Connection Credit Beta System

We are very excited to announce our brand new credit system, Connection Credits (CC), for the ACGL website.

During the Beta phase, CC will have no monetary value. Instead we are awarding every single one of our users 100 CC during this test phase to play with. If you end up running out of CC, let us know via Twitter, Facebook or Discord and we will see what we can do to get you back into the fight for more.

If you want to see exactly how much CC you have, all you have to do is click on your Gaming Profile Icon (if on mobile) or hover over your icon with your mouse on PC.

CC will provide users with a means to enter Wager Match ladders and CC based tournaments during the beta period. We will be talking more in-depth about Wager Ladders and CC Tournaments below.

We have some exciting plans for the CC system for when we kick off our full season in January 2018 but we need your feedback to make sure we have the best system possible.

You can check out all the tournaments that are currently available on our Play Page.

The Beta period will last until the mid December, before we kick off with the 2018 Season.

Wager Ladders and CC Tournaments

Thanks to our new CC system we can start begin hosting Wager Ladders and CC Tournaments.

Wager Ladders Beta 

We are rolling out a beta version of our wagers system. This is a new tournament type that will allow you to sign up and challenge other players/teams to wager matches and put your CC on the line.

ELO Ranking system
Similar to Ladder tournaments. Participants will lose/gain ELO as they lose/win their wager matches.

Match Finder
Along with the Challenging of participants you will be able to post match request for a specified time. Other tournament participants will then be able to reply to this request.

Fixed wager amount
For this beta period all wager matches will have a fixed wager amount determined by the tournament itself.

Score reporting
All scores on wager matches must be reported and then accepted by the opposing team, transfer of CC will not be processed without both teams accepting the match outcome.

Please note that  teams/individuals found repeatedly not confirming their score may  face penalty or ban periods on the ACGL website.

CC Tournaments

CC tournaments will have a CC cost for entry and will reward users with CC or prizes based on their final placement in the tournament.

Please be sure to check the ‘Prizes’ subsection in the rules to see exactly what you are getting out of entering the tournament!

You can sign up for our Wagers and Tournaments now. All tournaments and Wagers will kick off next week, so make sure you get yourself registered now! Sign up by clicking on the image below.

Quality of Life Changes

We want to make things a little bit easier on our competitors when playing on our website. Below are some of the quality of life changes that we have implemented during our short break.

Tournament Free Agents

Users will now be able to sign up to team-based tournaments as a free agent, allowing teams to pick up members if they need.

Select team members on Sign Up

Team Captains will be required to select their team members when signing up to a team-based tournament.

Match FeeD

Represented by the Shield Icon  in the user menu, the Match Feed allows users to quickly see how many outstanding matches they have and in the feed itself they are able to:

  • Report Scores
  • Accept Challenges
  • Accept Match Results
  • Request a new Match Date

Change log

Improved UI

  • Replaced field labels with icons and added placeholder text
  • Replaced image icons with Icons
  • Separated the Login and Register pages
  • Combined the Open Tournaments and Ongoing Tournaments lists
  • Moved Recruiting Teams to the Teams Page
  • Moved Free Agent Info to the Profile Page
  • Added Profile header images, determined by the last game you receive XP for.
  • No more need to refresh the page to update the Tournament Timer
  • Added actions to Messages:
    – Delete Messages
    – Mark as unread
    – Mark as read
  • Improved Home Page
  • Removed Clan Tag from Team Fields
  • Clicking on your XP (Profile Page) will take you to your position on the leaderboard.
  • Steam Profile ID changed to Steam Profile URL, users simply paste their full steam profile URL into the field.

If you need some assistance understanding the Wager system and challenging opponents, this video should assist you:

For now that is everything you need to know about the brand new updates that are live now on ACGL.

If you have any questions, comments or queries please be sure to contact us via:

Twitter | Facebook | Website | Instagram | Discord


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