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The festive season is upon us and you may find yourself without teammates or matches to play while everyone is out and about on holiday.

ACGL has you covered as we are officially opening the festive season scrim ladders which will allow you to sharpen up your skills over the holiday period.

Additionally, this will mark the close of the Connection Credit Beta which has been a great learning experience for us and something we can’t wait to reimplement in the new year.

Festive Season Scrim Ladders

The Holiday Scrim ladders will be open from today at 18:00 all the way to the 31st of December (12:00 pm) for the following titles:

Find all the ladders here

The ladders will use an ELO ranking system for the participating teams.

If you want to find out how to play Ladder Matches please be sure to click here.

Additional information

  • Match Arrangements – Please note match arrangements can be done via the match pages directly between the two participating players/teams.
  • Map Selection – Maps will be randomly generated and displayed on the Match page.
  • Match Disputes – During this period we will not be offering direct live support at all times. Thus we have implemented an option for players/teams to contact admin via the match page.
  • Match Restrictions – Teams will not be allowed to play against the same team more than once in one day.

If you have any questions, comments or queries please be sure to contact us via:

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