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The festive season is here and the time to hunt Christmas Noobs is upon us! This year we are changing the way you think about Christmas Noobs and in the process we will be giving away two ASTRO A10 headsets and MixAmp M60’s to go along with it.

What is a Christmas Noob?

We don’t know exactly when the term, ‘Christmas Noob’ first came into existence. Some say  it was etched into the walls of caves when the first tribes played board games against one another, others say that its existed as a sole result of the launch of Call of Duty – which one it  was we cannot say.

According to the urban dictionary definition, a Christman Noob is a type of noob (new player), invading online games in large groups, appearing at Christmas morning. They are typically kids who just received the game as a Christmas present, skipped singleplayer/campaign, and went straight to multiplayer. Generally unskilled, prone to camping and getting shot, making them delicious targets in FPS.

the Christmas Noob Hunt

This year, we are changing up the formula and taking a more friendly approach. We want you to go out into your next game lobby, find those Christmas Noobs and get them to join our gaming community.

Refer a Chrismas Noob and Win!

Our first part of the competition is open to everyone.

All you have to  do is  the following:

  1. Find a Christmas Noob (a new player) and ask them to register on the ACGL website.
  2. Ask them to refer you (you must have a valid ACGL account) by inserting your username onto the registration page.

For each referral you will gain entry to the random draw for an ASTRO A10 headset and M60 Mixamp.

The second part of the competition will be for our Call of Duty: World War 2 community.

We are asking existing players to refer the Christmas Noobs to join the Chistmas Noob Hunt Free-For-All tournament which will take place on the 14th of January.

Each person that plays in  the tournament will be put into a random draw for the ASTRO Gaming A10 headset and M60 MixAmp.

Enter the tournament here.

Why we are doing this

The effort behind this project is to get more casual gamers to become aware of the competitive side of the community.

We are hoping that the Christmas Noob Hunt manages to do exactly that by giving both the new and existing players incentive to be apart of our ever growing competitive gaming community.

We would like to thanks Megarom Games and ASTRO Gaming for being a part of this community project!

We hope that your Christmas Noob Hunt is a successful one, you have until the 14th of  January to get as many Chrismas Noobs as you can – Go get them soldier!


ASTRO A10 Headset

ASTRO M60 MixAmp

If you have any questions, comments or queries please be sure to contact us via:

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