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For Honor 1v1 Results – Blood was spilt

Last night some of the fiercest fighters this side of Africa battled one another in a single combat tournament on the For Honor Beta for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. At the end of the day’s play only three fighters remained to take the title of the For Honor Beta champion for their respective platform.

There was plenty of banter and sharpening of swords and wit alike as the fighters reported to the Discord lobby at midday to claim their entry into the tourney.  Once the check in was complete, a total of 50 hedge knights were officially gathered across three platforms to do battle for their chance at winning a bountiful For Honor hamper and game copy.

At 2pm the portcullis was lifted and fighters swarmed onto the battlefield to spill their fair share of blood and glory.

As the day wore on, only a few from each platform remained. The PC fighters were the first to make it to the finals, and it was where Luca ‘RoBoHoBo’ Tucconi (Warden) took on Craig’CrAiGiSh’Dodd (Conqueror). The first round of the fight was full of nerves and came to a hilarious conclusion early on.

Despite the early fall, Robohobo rose up to knock CrAiGiSh down and take the PC title as the For Honor champion.

On Xbox One we had Luke Smith (Peacekeeper) up against Dynamo (Orochi). Luke’s speed and damage was too much to handle for Dynamo, who ended up being clean swept by his opponent.

On PlayStation 4 we had our closed beta champion, Donovan Lee ‘diebaardman’ Coasby (Orochi/Nobushi) taking on Jordan ‘Astra Scorpio’ Cupido (Tenshi). Despite the majority of players thinking that the old champion would take the match, it was Scorpio who put the final sting in the tournament as he convincingly took the title!


The great folks at Megarom Interactive got on board to award the winners of the tournament, for each respective platform, the following awesome prizes:

  • For Honor Game (Platform Specific)
  • For Honor Key Ring
  • For Honor T-Shirt
  • For Honor Coaster Set

Our three victors now await their prize and future tourneys to prove their skills. We hope to be the ones bringing you more of the action in the not too distant future!

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