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OverWatch Festival – We have our winners!

The Overwatch Festival has come to an end, and it has been an amazing three weeks for us. We have gotten to know and accommodate tournaments for our budding local community, who showed skill in their gameplay and – in our opinion – summed up what it means to have sportsmanship in and outside of eSports – GGs all around!

3 Weeks, 441 players and one great experience

Over the three weeks, 15 tournaments were held across three platforms (Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4) and a total of 441 players entered the respective tournaments. We saw some outstanding plays and amazing fails which are thanks to the community who decided to stream, share and shoutcast some of the respective games.

We are currently working on a couple of videos for the event, one of which will be the MWEB GameZone Top 5 plays! We will keep you all posted as soon as it is released.

The Overwatch community is special, in more ways than one

Firstly, we want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the Overwatch Festival (#OWFestZA).

We promised that the #OWFestZA was only the beginning of our journey into competitive and casual play. We do have plans for the near future to provide tournaments for the larger team size competitions (6v6). That said, we are by no means leaving the 1v1 and 3v3 events behind, you can expect more of that in the not to distant future too.

A big ‘thank you’ is also in order for the sponsors that trusted us, and continue to do so. It’s with their support that we are able to give something back to the community.

A round of applause to MWEB GameZone, KontrolFreek and Steelseries.

Talking about giving things back, we only have one more thing left to do, which is to announce our winners across the respective platforms, as well as our grand prize winner.

The winner’s circle

For each tournament that our players participated in, an XP value was awarded for their final placement in each of the respective tournaments.

You can view the full list of amazing prizes which they won here.

At the end of the competition, our Top 3 XP Winners from each respective platform are:



Xbox One 

A big congratulations are in order to all of our players! We will be in contact with you to arrange delivery.

Loot Box hamper – Winner announced

For each entry into our tournaments, players earned an entry into our Loot Box hamper, which contains the following:

OW Statue

  • Overwatch Limited Edition Soldier 76 Statue (seen above)
  • Overwatch Recruit Kit
  • Overwatch Badge
  • SteelSeries Mousepad
  • Kontrol Freek Tee & Sticker pack
  • Kontrol Freek Controller Shield (PS4/Xbox One)

We are happy to announce, that our winner is

*insert cheesy drumroll*:

Squirrel – Rudolph Botha

Once again we would like to thank all of our participants, sponsors and especially the #ACGLFamily (the admins, social media people and video editors) that work tirelessly behind the scene.

We really value your feedback and would love if you dropped us a comment below or email at [email protected] with your thoughts, comments or suggestions.

Until the next one!

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