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Interview with MKX Champion Taga Kahn

The Injustice 2 South African Cup (#I2CZA) kick’s off this Sunday, 28 May, when the first heat of the competition gets under way. Registrations for the competition close tomorrow (14:00), 27 May, so be sure to get your entry in before the entries officially close.

One player who has entered into the competition is non-other than Vasudev ‘Taga Kahn’ Stringer. If you are not familiar with the name, he was the winner of the Mortal Kombat X South African Cup which was held two years ago.


We caught up Tage Kahn to chat about everything revolving around Injustice 2 and the South African qualifiers – there is also a pro tip or two for the new players that are looking to make a big impression this Sunday.

Jumping right into it, what are your overall impressions of Injustice 2?

“Visually the graphics are impressive and the game runs very smoothly. I prefer the way that they have tweaked the balances compared to the original (Injustice: Gods among us).

The campaign was really good overall and I like the grinding element for gear, especially for casual players. I feel that the size of the roster is particularly impressive, there are much more characters to play with.

The large roster of characters gives you enough room to pick your poison which best suits your play style.”

Competitively, how do you feel the game is shaping up? 

“I think that most of the characters are balanced and it doesn’t have the same problems that Mortal Kombat X had when it comes to the overhead combos. I feel that there is also more room for players to breath when it comes to corners thanks to the double dash escape.

I really feel that this game trumps all preceding Injustice and Mortal Kombat titles when it comes to technical balance and competitive play online.”

What are your thoughts on the format of the competition? 

“I like it, I feel it gives people room to improve and make up for mistakes in previous heats. Take for example, if you get cheesed in heat one, that you can still make up for it by learning from your mistakes and using those adaptions in the heats thereafter.”

Going into the tournament, what are your expectations? 

“I know Lai333 and D1GamerKid have registered so the guys that played MKX will be playing IN2. The competition in the country is very strong at the moment but I am expecting to take the number one spot none the less.”

Who would you say is your biggest competition in the Injustice 2 South African Cup? 

“I’d have to say Lai333.”

Characters that you are favouring at the moment? 

“I guess you will find that out this Sunday. It’s on a need to know basis”

How do you feel about the chances of the South African contingent to play internationally?

“Overall I think the country is putting in a lot of effort into Injustice 2. I constantly see people online and giving one another tips and suggestions. The education surrounding the title is rather impressive. Players are reaching out to extract as much information as possible to get a competitive advantage.

I feel that South African competitors can make it big and we may even produce the next Sonic Fox.”

What do you think the newer players will need to focus on in order to stand a chance to get a top placement?

“They will need to have at least one 400-500 damage combo in their arsenal. Knowing how to use your mix ups is also going to be vitally important.”

Any fighting words going into the first heat

“Pray for the Khan’s mercy”

We’d like to thank Taga Kahn for sharing his thoughts with us leading into the first heat of the event. We would also like to wish good luck to any player that comes up against him, he is a fierce and relentless competitor.

Taga Kahn will be representing Royalty Esports in the Injustice 2 South African Cup.

Follow Taga Kahn | Follow Royalty Esports 

Top Tip from Taga Kahn

“Don’t focus too much on the execution of the same combo.

I feel that people often get stuck in the mindset of trying to execute one combo in a match, which really limits the variance and makes it much easier to read and defend against.

Rather, learn a variety of combos and the mix-up of how to initiate them.”

You can catch the final match of the Warm Up Cup between sho_kahn – playing as Supergirl – and Draeka below.

The full Injustice 2 South African Cup schedule is as follows:

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