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Catch the MGMS 2nd Qualifier Finalists this Sunday

This weekend we will be concluding the qualifiers of the MWEB GameZone Master Series (MGMS) with a bang, as the finale is set to come to you live this Sunday.

You will be able to catch all of the action live and with commentary as our top 3 teams from Qualifier 2 get ready to bash bumpers and trade goals for their shot at the last two spots in the MGMS Grand Finale.

We caught up with the teams to get their thoughts going into this Sundays finale for the second qualifier.

Exdee Gaming – XD.DangerKids

Kicking things off we managed to catch up with the mOTHER of the DangerKids – no really… the captain’s alias is mOTHER and the DangerKids are his babies (too much?).

Back on track, Dangerkids was started at the beginning of the RLSA scene. The team captain, mOTHER started playing in Dec 2015 and joined the competitive scene a few months later.

Noclip, one of the players from the team, has over 4000 hours but only joined the competitive scene last year.

Timmy is the most recent addition to the squad but has proved himself invaluable in the progression of the squad through the MGMS second qualifier.

The three members have only been playing as a team since the end of 2017 after two players from the previous Dangerkids roster retired after winning rAge.

We asked Christian ‘mOTHER’ Massyn about what his thoughts were going into the finals this weekend:

“We’ve been practicing really hard and see ourselves as a dominant force in the scene. We’re looking at the number one spot.

This past weekend. We saw Revenant Esports perform extremely well so we are keeping an eye on them. Team name is a really strong squad as well. If they perform well on the day. They are a serious threat.”

xD.Dangerkids will take on Revenant Esports in the first match of the day in the Winners Bracket Final at 17:00.

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Revenant Esports

Revenant Esports formed two weeks before the MWEB GameZone Master Series. The team decided to join forces as they were all highly ranked in the game but none of the players had a team at the time.

The decision clearly paid off as the team now are one of the top three teams left in the final MGMS qualifier.

The team captain, Jaco ‘Pro Noob’ Bierman, initially started the team alongside his team mate Umar ‘Werty’ Rasool – who were both on PlayStation 4 at the time. The two immediately gelled and needed to find a third player.

Headshot was that player, thanks to him becoming available as a free agent.

Since then the team has been going from strength to strength and are looking to do some great things in the MGMS.

We caught up with Jaco ‘Pro Noob’ Bierman to find out his thoughts going into the competition.

“I think your biggest challenge will be Dangerkids, they have proven themselves to be one of the best teams in the country but I think if we play solid we can beat them.

I think the weekend is going to be extremely tough but I’m confident that we can pull through and make it to the top.”

You can catch Revenant Esports in the Winners bracket final against xD.Dangerkids this Sunday at 17:00.

Team Name

Team Name is a brand new squad in the Rocket League community. They only reformed their team a week before the first MGMS and thus are still getting used to one another’s play-styles.

The squad still has some issues that they will need to iron out but have the potential to cause a big stir in the competition. Some believe that they have the potential to take the entire MGMS, but we will have to wait and see if they can live up to expectation this Sunday.

Their team captain, Leon ‘li0n_za’ Havenga, had the following to say with regards to this weekends competition:

“We are pretty confident going into this weekend, we were caught off guard by Revenant last Sunday but we will be ready for them this weekend. We are seeking redemption on that loss.

Our biggest challenge will most likely be Exdee but we are going to take it one series at a time. We first need to make it into the Grand Finals.”

You can catch Team Name in the losers bracket Final, which is scheduled to go live directly after the winners bracket final (17:00) on Sunday.


Stream Schedule

Below you will find the time schedule for the MGMS Rocket League Championship Qualifier 1

  • Winners Bracket Final (17:00):
    xD.DangerKids Vs Revenant Esports 
  • Losers Bracket Final (Estimate Start Time: 17:30):
    Team Name Vs Loser of Winners Bracket Finals
  • Grand Final (Estimate Start Time: 18:00):
    Winner of WB Final vs Winner of LB Final*

*  The winner of the Losers Bracket Final will have to beat the Winner Bracket Final winner twice.

All matches will be played to a best of 3.

Stream Details 

You can catch all of the action take place via the ACGL and MWEB GameZone YouTube channels:


We are very excited to announce the return of our talent for the MGMS Rocket League Championship second qualifier:

Michael “Ulturism” Oerder

Michael “Ulturism” Oerder is a  well-known name in the local South African  Rocket League Community.

Over the past two years, he has been providing commentary and analysis over the competitive scene of which he is, in addition to his role of being a shoutcaster, a formidable opponent to some of the top teams in the country.

He has played a significant role in shining the spotlight in the South African Rocket League community and we are happy to have him on board.

Follow Michael “Ulturism” Oerder | Twitter

James “Jar of Jam” Jarrington

James “Jar of Jam” Jarrington, hailing from Lativia, has casted over 50 various tournaments during his career.

His most notable events have included three RLCS Open Qualifiers, Shift Pro League Gauntlet as well as various other Rival Esports, Shift Pro League, Rocket League Central/Gfinity and Rewind Gaming tournaments.

We are extremely excited to have him join our casting team on Sunday for the Finals of the first Rocket League tournament on South African Servers.

Follow James “Jar of Jam” Jarrington | Twitter 

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